SMARTair® Credentials


  • Offered in Wireless, Update on Card, Offline and Standalone Variations
  • Credentials: Contactless Cards, Fobs, Disposable Bracelets, Silicon Wristbands and SynerKeys (Key with Transponder in Bow)
  • Compatible with iClass, Mifare DESFire & SKIDATa Technology


  • Cost Effective Access Control
  • Offered in Multiple Variations: Wireless, Update on Card, Offline and Standalon
  • Wide Variety of Credentials:
    • Cards – Printable or Clamshell
    • Tags
    • Silicon Bracelets – Waterproof
    • Disposable Bracelets – Ideal for Healthcare Facilities or One-Day Passes
    • SynerKeys & Transponder Stickers

Mul-T-Lock’s access control systems are designed to meet many different users’ needs. From offices, campuses and retail locations, to healthcare facilities, gyms and more, multiple credential options such as cards, fobs, and wristbands make access control convenient for you no matter what your application. Choose from a variety of printable and clamshell cards, disposable or silicon bracelets, fobs, stickers and SynerKey’s which allow the integration of a SMARTair transponder into the head of a mechanical key.

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