Hercular® Anti-Ligature Locks


  • UL Fire Rated, ANSI Grade 1 Design
  • Mul-T-Lock High Security Key and Cylinder Platform
  • UL437 Listed for Pick and Drill Resistance
  • Adjustable Backset – 2-3/8” (60Mm) Or 2-3/4” (70Mm)
  • Available in Deadbolt and Latch Lock Variations
  • Locking Mechanism Reinforced with Hardened Steel Pins


  • Prevention of Injury in High Risk Environments
  • Prevention of Lockout by Occupant (Cannot Be Locked from Inside)
  • Smooth, Non-Angular Design for Easy & Safe Operation
  • High Picking, Drilling, Bumping, Prying and Kicking Resistance
  • Supported by Mul-T-Lock’s Key Control Systems

Mul-T-Lock’s  Hercular® Grade 1 Anti-Ligature Deadbolt (also available with latch locking) meets the unique locking needs found in institutions such as health care facilities where its lack of angles greatly decreases risk of injury or self-harm.

Anti-Ligature fixtures in hospitals also serve as an easier to operate hardware alternative for individuals with injuries or a weakened grip as they are easy to operate and include a smooth design with less opportunity for accidental injury (such as snagging a bandage).

Offered in a deadbolt function which allows for unlocking from the inside at all times while preventing locking from the inside and a convenient latch locking variation as well.


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