FleX Control Solutions


  • Flexible Format – Suitable for Many Cylinder Types
  • Supports Mul-T-Lock’S Telescopic Pin Platform, Interactive+
  • Key Order Cards for Enhanced Key Control
  • Easy Installation – Like Any Regular Cylinder


  • Easy, Effective Access Control Without Requiring Electronics
  • Extra Efficient – No Lock Change or Rekeying Required
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Reliable & Field Proven

Mul-T-Lock’s FleX Control keying option offers you the flexibility to temporarily authorize or unauthorize a mechanical key simply by turning one of two user keys in your lock. Flex control products come with four keys (green, red, white and blue).

The green (go key) and the red (no key) are for the system owner.  Using the green key ensures that the blue (guest key) will work until the red (no key) is inserted and used which will temporarily disable the blue guest key until the green key is once again used.

The white (neutral) key can be given to anyone who should have permanent access but no ability to impact the blue key’s (guest key) authorization.

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