Cronus® Deadbolts


  • UL Fire Rated, ANSI Grade 2 Deadbolt
  • Mul-T-Lock High Security Kik (Key-In-Knob) Cylinder
  • Adjustable Backset – 2-3/8” (60Mm) Or 2-3/4” (70Mm)
  • FULl 1” (25Mm) Bolt Throw
  • Locking Mechanism Reinforced with Hardened Steel Pin
  • Robust Cylinder Protector
  • Free Spinning Steel Core Rosettes


  • Cost-Effective, Complete Solution
  • UL Fire Rated Latch
  • UL437 High Security Drill, Pick and Bump Resistant Cylinder
  • Stylish Design
  • Quick & Easy Installation

Mul-T-Lock’s  Cronus®  Grade 2 Deadbolt provides cost-effective deadbolt locking complete with Mul-T-Lock’s high security locking and patented key system.

Cronus allows for the easy integration of a Grade 2 deadbolt into a Mul-T-Lock high security key system for convenience and control.


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