Key Deposit Locks


  • 2-Piece Item Includes Tube and Cylinder
  • UL437 Listed for Pick and Drill Resistance
  • Offered in Many Keying Variations Including: Keyed Different, Keyed Alike and Master Keyed


  • Enables Emergency Personnel to Access Building Without Compromising Security
  • The Same High Security Keys can be Used to Access Door Locks and Padlocks
  • Convenient Keying Options Give You Better Control

The unique Key Deposit Lock is designed to act as a secured storage unit for master and pass keys for commercial and multi-tenant dwellings. The Key Deposit Lock is ideal for assisting fire departments and rescue agencies in keeping route keys secure. The Key Deposit Lock consists of two separate pieces. The first is an elongated tube that can be recessed or anchored into a concrete wall or slab. Once affixed, the operating key of your choice can be placed inside. The second piece of the Key Deposit Lock is Mul-T-Lock’s special high security cylinder. By turning the key 90°, the cylinder will slide into the tube and lock, thereby securing the contents inside. By inserting the key and turning again, the cylinder will now slide out of the tube, allowing access to the contents inside.

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