Interactive® Keys


  • Previously Patented (until 2014)
  • Replaced with Interactive+ Patented Platform
  • Keys will Operate Only Interactive (not Patented Interactive+) Cylinders
  • Platform is UL437 for Pick & Drill Resistance
  • Platform is Bump Resistant
  • Double-Sided Horizontal Key
  • Dual Telescopic Cuts
  • Interactive Floating Disk Embedded in the Key Blade


  • Replaced by Interactive+ Platform
  • Dual Locking Mechanisms Employed
  • Millions of Possible Combinations
  • Double Sided Keys Allow Insertion of the Key in Either Direction or Allow for Each Side to Operate Different Locks
  • Strong Durable Horizontal Keys Offer Extreme Resistance to Breakage

The Interactive® system was the basis for the more current Interactive®+ platform. Patented only until 2014, we encourage customers with existing Interactive systems to upgrade to Interactive®+ to ensure continued patent protection.

If you currently have an Interactive lock installed and simply need to order duplicate keys, you’ll be happy to know that the newer Interactive®+ keys are backwards compatible and will operate your Interactive cylinders as well. Ask us more about patented key control platforms to find the right solution for you.

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