Combined Hasp Lock


  • UL437 Listed for Pick and Drill Resistance
  • Constructed of Case Hardened Steel and High Quality Finish, Bolt: Hardened Boron Alloy Steel
  • Unique Patented Design
  • Security Grade CEN 6
  • Combined Hasp and Locking Bolt with Built-in Mechanism
  • Non Key Retaining High Security Cylinder
  • Easy Installation by Welding or Bolting


  • Massive and Durable Metal Structure Offers Extreme Resistance Against Physical L Attacks
  • No Need for Users to Handle a Padlock
  • Lock is Present at All Times and Cannot Be Misplaced
  • High Picking, Drilling, and Bumping Resistance
  • Supported by Mul-T-Lock’s Key Control Systems

Mul-T-Lock’s Hasp Lock is a robust locking solution that offers a maximum resistance padlock and hasp all rolled into one! This combined solution is a more convenient and secure alternative to two pieces versions and contains removable parts. This strong solution can be easily welded or bolted into position.

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