CLIQ Smart Start Kits


  • 2-Door, 5-Door, 10-Door & 50-Door Kits Available
  • Kits Include:
    • E-Cylinders
    • Quartz+ Keys
    • Standard Programming Device
    • Wall or Mobile Programming Device
    • Web Software & Remote Setup
    • 1 Year of Cliq® Remote Hosting


  • Wire-Free –Installs anywhere, Regardless of Location & Infrastructure
  • Reduced Labor- No Wiring Means Fast, Easy & Inexpensive Setup
  • Smart Start Packages – Superior Discounts to Get You Started for Less
  • Secure Online Software – Program Keys & View Audit Trail from anywhere
  • Wall & Mobile Updaters – for Easy Key Updating & Refreshing from anywhere
  • Electromechanical – Combines Access Control with High Security

Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ Smart Start kits make it easier than ever to start enjoying the benefits of CLIQ.  Kits designed for applications of nearly any size are available to offer a best price bundled package of everything you’ll need to start managing your CLIQ system.

From locking device to keys, programming tools, software licensing and more, CLIQ Smart Start kits are the best way to save on E-Cylinder & Smart Key solutions.

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