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Mul-T-Lock is a global leader in High Security protective solutions for residential and commercial markets. Staying ahead of the market through innovation and advanced technology, Mul-T-Lock’s proven solutions protect people, places and property worldwide.

Patented Key Systems

Did you know that the words “Do Not Duplicate” mean nothing when stamped on standard, non-patented keys?  These words alone cannot prevent a locksmith or even a corner hardware store from copying your keys.  Patented Key Systems, on the other hand provide significantly enhanced protection.

Mul-T-Lock keys utilize exclusive technology and are designed to provide higher levels of security and key control. Duplicating a Mul-T-Lock key requires the presentation of a unique key order card, used to prove that you are authorized to copy keys, to an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer. Get protection, control and peace of mind with Mul-T-Lock patented key systems.

Attack Resistant Solutions

Have you ever heard of lock picking, drilling or bumping? The most effective way to increase your protection against such lock manipulation techniques is to install a high security lock. Mul-T-Lock products offer bump-resistance as well as the best defense against picking, drilling, and unauthorized key duplication.

A global brand, Mul-T-Lock knows about security threats from all around the globe and has used this knowledge to arm their high security products with ample defenses like:

  • Split pins, which resist bumping attempts by ensuring that force applied only separates half the plug pin leaving the shear line obstructed
  • Stainless steel mushroom pins, which are tapered and shouldered to create “false” shear lines while picking or bumping is being attempted
  • Patented anti-picking pins, which ensure that any time tension is applied, the top and bottom pins interlock to further deter attacks
  • Strategically placed anti-drill inserts, which resist drilling.

Stay secure with Mul-T-Lock high security, premium products

Innovative Solutions

Mul-T-Lock leverages the latest technology to create innovative solutions that are more convenient, effective and efficient, while providing enhanced security. For example, the WatchLock padlock is embedded with GPS and GMS technology so it can track your assets and alert you to all kinds of activity.

Mul-T-Lock’s Code-it secures your interior doors with an automatic locking, code-enabled handle so you can come and go key-free and confident that your office or room is secure. The DDV (Digital Door Viewer) let’s you know whose at the door whether you’re there or not by taking pictures or video so you know exactly who is or was at your doorstep .

Mul-T-Lock Innovative Solutions give you convenience and control.

Access Control Solutions for Any Opening

Mul-T-Lock makes finding the right access control solution  simple and cost-effective.  Looking for a complete access control system?  Choose SMARTair for wire-free self-contained locksets, cylinders, padlocks cabinet locks, readers and accessories.  Intuitive, easy to use software and a wide range of credentials including, fobs, cards, NFC-based mobile keys, disposable wristbands and water-proof bracelets make SMARTair a smart, saleable solution for commercial, assisted living, multi-family, boutique hotel buildings and more.

CLIQ includes a complete range of wire-free e-cylinders, deadbolts, locksets, padlocks, furniture locks and more all of which install exactly as a mechanical product – no wiring or extensive labor costs.  Convenient key management from anywhere and CLIQ’s ability to be layered into a mechanical key system allows you to upgrade all, some, or just a few openings at a time so you can add the features you need as you go.

CLIQ can be installed virtually anywhere and is also an ideal solution for applications where wiring may be costly or impossible, such as historical buildings, moving applications, water & cell towers med-carts, cash cages and more.

Protect yourself from loss & liability by utilizing SMARTair or CLIQ for features such as audit trail, key/for scheduling, instant deactivation of lost credentials and more.